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Dr Iain Lang

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Devon County Council

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01392 726087

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Public Health

Dr Iain Lang

Senior Lecturer in Public Health and Lead for Communications

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I am a Consultant in Public Health with Devon County Council and a Senior Lecturer in Public Health with PenCLAHRC. My research interests relate to older people's health, particularly frailty and dementia, and to implementation. 

Project involvement


Project aims to create a dementia research programme for PenCLAHRC.Early detection and treatment of dementia has been shown to potentially achieve high economic savings and social benefits, not least to patients and their families.

Health Care Quality for an Active Later Life

How successful have we been in England at preventing disease and disability in later life? How well are we delivering high quality medical treatments for the common disabling diseases of later life?

Pro-forma based review of elderly care home residents

This project will aim to develop a pro-forma based review of all residents within 3 months of admission and thereafter on an annual basis, carried out by community geriatrician, GP (General Practitioner) or potentially another healthcare professional with appropriate key skills/competencies.

The CHECK-UP study

Exploring NHS cardiovascular health checks uptake in primary care, aiming to improve the uptake of NHS cardiovascular health checks in primary care by identifying factors that influence older people’s willingness to engage with primary preventative health care programmes.

Volunteering for Health

Is volunteering a public health intervention? This systematic review explores the effect of formal volunteering on volunteers’ survival, physical and mental health, and the influence of volunteering type and intensity on health outcomes.

Vitamin D and Cognitive Health: the DCog Project

Can vitamin D supplements be used to prevent cognitive decline and dementia in older adults? Our aim is to improve outcomes for people with dementia or cognitive decline, and to investigate factors which might be effective in midlife to lower the risk of dementia in later years.


Under the PenCLAHRC theme of Development and Ageing a number of work streams are under development on falls in older people.